How to add gift wrap option to Woocommerce products?


You can add a Gift Package option for your customers to your Woocommerce e-commerce site. You can find many ready-made plugins for this at I’ve tested some of these plugins but haven’t found the exact features I want. Because when Gift Package was selected, there was also a need for a Gift Note field.

Since I realized that the free Gift Pack plugins would not be enough to solve this need, I searched for an alternative solution. At this stage, I came across the Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce plugin and I provided a solution in this way. Let’s see how we use it together.

We go to the Plugins > Add New page and find the plugin by typing Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce in the search bar. Now we click on Install to install and activate the plugin.

After the plugin is active, you will see the Settings and Global Fields links. Here we continue by clicking on Global fields.

Product Field Groups bölümünden Add New’e tıklıyoruz.

I gave the name Gift Package as the group name, you can give it another name. Let’s create our first field by clicking the Add your 1st Field button

We choose Checkboxes from the Type section. In the Label line, you write the name you want to appear on your site. In the Options section, click Add option. Our purpose here is to ask for a gift package? If so, will we charge extra? We can set these rules. I set it to charge an additional 5 TL for each gift package.

You can add words such as Yes/I want to Option Label. There are multiple options in the Adjust pricing section. What we can use for free is enough for us for now.

No price change
Flat fee (not quantity-based)

We choose the one that is suitable for us and click the Publish button. Our gift wrap option now appears on our product page.

Here, we are creating another area with the thought that the customer who wants a Gift Package may want to add a note.

Let’s call this new field Gift Note and choose Text as the Type.

Here we are adding a rule so that the Gift Note field does not need to appear all the time. If a Gift Pack is requested, we want it to activate the Gift Note.

After making this setting, our Gift Package option becomes visible on our product page. Click for demo

In addition, you will see some detailed price information on the Add to Cart button. I hid them because I found them unnecessary. If you want to hide it too, you can add the following code to your css file.

.wapf-product-totals {
    display: none!important;


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