Which is the best WHMCS alternative?

wisecp panel anasayfası
wisecp panel anasayfası

We decided to change the WHMCS software, which we have been using for about 10 years, due to its increasingly complex structure and increasing prices. WHMCS offers a very advanced service management system, but if you only do domain and hosting business, having so many features can make things difficult. Other alternatives WISECP, Blesta, Hostbill, Clientexec.

Every year, we did a little research on this subject and decided that the best hosting and digital service automation was WHMCS and gave up on changing it. However, this year we had the opportunity to test WISECP, which is a domestic initiative, in more detail. After examining other software in detail, we decided to use WISECP, which is the most suitable software for us. The fact that there is a domestic software did not have an effect on our decision.

You can find all the basic features we use on WHMCS on WISECP. Thanks to the useful interface, you get used to this panel very quickly.

Transfer from WHMCS to WISECP?

Yes it is done. It’s also very easy. Thanks to this feature, I was able to transfer all the data on WHMCS to WISECP very simply and without any problems. Currently, there is the feature of importing from WHMCS and Sitemio Ajans-Hosting-Web Package software, maybe different options can be added in the future.

You can download WISECP Hosting Management software from here and use it for free for the first month.

Is WISECP safe?

I’m not a security expert, but as far as I can see, many security measures have been taken on the software. Administrator information is stored encrypted. Major security features; bot shield, brute force security, location / IP management, proxy / vpn blocking, blacklist, two-factor authentication, cache / cache feature, WFraud protection and database backup feature.

How are the email notification designs?

One of my favorite features of Wisecp is that you can design e-mail notification templates the way you want. There was also a design editing feature on WHMCS, but I think Wisecp takes a step forward with its plain panel.

Financial features

WISECP also offers very practical solutions in the accounting department. You can do all the operations you do with WHMCS here. One setting that WHMCS doesn’t have and I really like is the “Automatic Update of Invoice Amount” feature. This feature works as follows; You have issued an invoice 3 days ago and it has not been paid yet. In the meantime, the price of the product has increased or the price has decreased. These price movements are automatically reflected in the current invoices. Since domain and server services are priced over exchange rates, I can say that this feature has helped me a lot.

WISECP invoice automation settings

In general, WISECP has many more features, although WHMCS is a very advanced and well-established software, it alienated me with its increasing prices and complex design. I decided to write this article after using Wisecp extensively for 30 days. I upgraded to the paid version today. The biggest innovation I expect from the WISECP team is that they integrate METUNIC APIs, if they add this feature, it will become much more attractive.

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